Ana U., from Naucalpan, Mexico wrote:

You keep on surprising me with your great service. Congrats! My son says these are the best pants he's had. This is the second time I've ordered so I think this makes me a regular client!

Cathy L. from Acton, MA wrote:

These are the first pants that allow our son to dress like his peers and we are so grateful to have them! The side zippers allow his caregiver to get the jeans out from under his bottom much more easily. We plan to be long terms customers and want your business to be successful as people like Matthew really need clothes that work for them.

Cathy Klein Berkheimer on Facebook wrote:

Just got my daughter her first pair of sensitive jeans. She loves the way they feel! I love the fact that they are high waisted, because low riding leggings/jeans are a problem for her.

Marayke Jonkers, Maroochydore, QLD, Australia wrote:

I REALLY love the women’s A jeans- and I’ve bought from ALL the adaptive clothing companies so I could make a comparison. Yours are the only ones I wear- and even able bodied people say LOVE YOUR JEANS; where’d you get them? The colour/texture is hip and modern and fashionable-

Amanda Alonzo via Facebook wrote:

Until I bumped into these jeans 2 years ago at the autism walk in Pasadena my son couldn't stand traditional jeans. I thought basketball shorts for all occasions was what he'd be stuck with for a very long time. Then I saw your product and it brought tears to my eyes because I found an alternative to traditional jeans that not only are great feeling but great looking THEY LOOK JUST LIKE A NICE PAIR OF JEANS! When we all go out in our Sunday best he gets to look his best too. Thank you for creating an amazing product. I am forever grateful. ☺☺❤

Glenn M, Lawrenceville, GA writes in his blog wheelchairdaddy.com

ABL Denim, has got the wheelchair clothing and fashion right! I ordered my first pair, I was a little nervous when the package arrived.  The website looked so good that I was afraid I’d be let down by the actual product.  Guess what! The jeans lived up to to website’s image!  The jeans are real denim; just a lesser weight so they are not as rigid and tight. Now I’m the cool dad in the fancy wheelchair and awesome blue jeans!

Read the full blog post here: http://wheelchairdaddy.com/2016/02/05/hello-mr-jean-welcome-back/


Anika A, Los Angeles, CA

We LOVE the jeans we purchased at the family resource fair today! Milan tried them on again when we got home. They are so cute and fit her perfectly. Of course she loves the feel more then anything. Thank you for making a difference and helping kids fit in. We'll be ordering more soon.

Will, Bowling Green, Missouri

I just wanted you to know for the first pair of ABL jeans they fit perfect. I was a little concerned they might be small but they're not and feel good on.  Thanks for your great work your doing for people in wheelchairs.

Gary H. Papillion, NE

As a wheelchair user and a jeans guy, I've had a hard time finding contemporary stylish jeans that would stay up in the back and were also long enough around the ankles. Not only have ABL Denim's jeans met those objectives for me, they added in a few extras like a hidden hook connector in place of the usual button and an easy-access thigh pocket--perfect for me as a quadriplegic and helpful for anyone who lives in a chair. On top of that, for a small fee they custom-hemmed my jeans to the exact length I needed. Can't wait to see what new denim styles they will offer next!

Barbara Handler Glassman, Villa Park, CA 

 Just wanted you to know the pants fit!!! YAY!!! I just placed an order for 4 more pairs! Thanks for all you do!! My daughter never wore anything but stretchy pants from Target!! They now cut them so slim that the size she wore a year ago doesn't fit and the ankles are so small. She looks really good in these. I think we found your next model!!

Cynthia DeJesus, President Ms. Wheelchair California Pageant, Inc.

Ms. Wheelchair California 2013 of Oxnard, Ca said

The fit for Kimberly was excellent.  The caregiver said they were easy to put on and she looked super cute.  First time wearing jeans in 3 years!

Gretta D in Winchester, VA says about the jean she gave her son Bradley:

My son, Bradley is 22 years old with Cerebral Palsy and has been driving a power wheelchair he was 4!!!. My son loves the first pair of ABL jeans I got him last year so now we're getting him another pair. He even asked me today if I ordered his new jeans and wanted to know when they will arrive.

 Thanks for making a great product!!!

 Jan in Long Beach, CA says about the jean she gave to her daughter:

"Steph says they have been a godsend to her….she feels so well dressed in them.
Steph loves, loves the jeans. She says it is so nice to be able to wear something nice when she goes out."

Chuck Wuller, PhD, Manhattan Beach, CA

"As a result of childhood polio I’ve used braces and a wheelchair for more than 50 years. I met Stephanie Alves — The Able Tailor — about the time I realized that longer zippers in my pants would simplify dressing/undressing. Before proceeding Stephanie thought out and explained tailoring options particular to the pants I wanted to wear and to my needs. I appreciate her attention to detail. Every day her tailoring has made my life a little easier and more enjoyable."

Sarah W., Indianapolis, IN

"I love these jeans! If you make any that are different colors I would for sure buy them"

Craig S. from Florence, NJ

"I love the WCH jeans! They are so nice & comfortable!"

Lisa W., Morgan Hill, CA

"The jeans arrived and I love them. They fit perfectly! The stretch material is comfortable and easier to get on than non-stretch jeans."